Straight & Smooth Hair Style

Applying a heat protectant is an important step for achieving straight, smooth hair; failing to use a protectant may result in in dry, damaged hair prone to frizz and breakage. After applying Shine Restoration Mist, you may begin straightening hair, starting at the root and traveling down. Straighten hair in quick, firm strokes to prevent breakage and maximize the smooth texture bolstered by the smoothing product line. Continue to straighten hair from the root in small sections until all sections of your hair have been flat ironed. End the look with a light layer of Firm Hold Hairspray to hold hair in place and lock in shine.

Treating Frizzy Hair

As mentioned with the Smoothing Conditioner, you can always use more Restoration Oil. The best part of the oil, aside from working on all hair types is that it reduces drying time by 40%. That is almost half of your hair drying time, meaning less heat on the hair thus less damage to the follicles. After one use of the Restoration Oil, users will see an improvement and after long-term usage, it can transform previously sad and damaged hair. It is the hair healer and along with the other products, helps create hair that is not only sleek but naturally healthy and shiny.

Why Our Volume Products Work

Good for your hair. And gives volume. When you wanna kick that curl in your hair, or that wave in your hair, this product will just enhance it. Add a dime sized amount, and scrunch your hair. It will looks as if you just got it professionally styled. Its not hard or crispy. This product contains moisturizing agents that will not dry out your hair, and give your hair the nutrients and minerals it needs to be beautiful.

Shielo Signature Blowout

Get the salon perfect blowout with a few basic tips. Blow-drying with the right products will keep your locks dry and improve their texture. The Shielo Signature Blowout is a keratin-enriched process which does not completely straighten waves and curls, just makes hair much softer, voluminous and healthy. 

Tokyo Silky Straight

Cleanse hair using the Hydrate Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner. If your hair is very frizzy and damaged, you should use the Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner instead of the Hydrate, as the Smoothing collection contains additional relaxants to smooth the hair.

Treat Dry hair During Winter

Winter leaves hair feeling dry, brittle and over worked. As the spring comes, its time to refresh the look and get fresh, free-flowing spring hair. Spring hair is healthy, silky and shines. Here are the best spring hair treatment recommendations.

Strengthening Shampoo that Protects Hair Color

A common question we hear from our customers is: what is the “best strengthening shampoo” that is safe for color treated hair? There are two Shielo shampoo options for a shampoo that strengthens and is safe for color treated hair: (1) Color Protect Shampoo, and (2) Volume Shampoo.

Control Frizzy Hair

Cleanse hair using the Smoothing Shampoo followed by the Smoothing Conditioner. They must be used in conjunction with one another to achieve the full results. Easy enough, apply, lather and rinse the Smoothing Shampoo.

hair shine oil

Choose Your Hair Style

We have also updated this style guide based on information from our long time customers who have been using our hair products for years. We collected information on what strategies worked best for their hair type, the desired effect they were looking to achieve, and how the used Shielo hair products to help them achieve that style.

Smooth & Shiny Hair Treatment Guide

Smooth and shiny hair is a classic style. From the early days of hollywood, to the divas of today - smooth and shine never goes out of style. Be self confident with your new look.

Full Volume Hair

Voluminous hair always attracts attention for being sexy and glamorous, at all hair lengths. High volume hairstyles are considered the little black dresses of hairstyling as they are timeless.

Brazilian Sun Protection for Hair

You're meeting clients for caipirinhas in Ipanema, then flying to South Beach to catch up with your best college friends. You also just got the best color job and highlights at the salon last week. Here's what you do:

Bouncing Touchable Waves

Voluminous hair always attracts attention for being sexy and glamorous, at all hair lengths. High volume hairstyles are considered the little black dresses of hairstyling as they are timeless.

Best Way to Treat Split Ends

One of the best ways to condition hair is to apply Shielo Antioxidant Leave-In Protectant. It is paraben free and contains all natural ingredients that will nourish your hair.  Just spritz a few amount to your hair after drying and before styling. This product keeps hair soft and manageable. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids to maintain the quality of your hair. It shields the hair from damage caused by curlers and flat irons so you can always style your hair the way you want it to. If you dye your hair, this product help the color last longer. Just spritz a few more to your hair during the day to keep your hair fresh.