Shielo is not complicated. Straight forward hair solutions to hair problems. Large companies have monopolized the hair care industry, outsourcing their operations to foreign countries, and have sacrificed product quality. Shielo goes back to the industry's roots with home grown quality and proven tested solutions. The formulas are based on the hard work performed by our global sources for salon quality results.

natural based ingredients

The line was created in New York City in 2001, with emphasis on creating voluminous styles, while including the effort to enhance and fortify with color protecting elements. The Volume Collection debuted online in 2007, much to the delight of women who craved high performance product that addressed the needs of limp and weak hair. Towards the end of the 2008, the Color Protect line was launched which today remains a product winner in many categories for color protection and shine.

All ingredients must meet Shielo's strict guidelines :

  • Made with 50-100% organic content 
  • No GMO ingredients 
  • No animal testing 
  • Essential oils are cold pressed or steam-distilled
  • Harvested in sustainable environments

inspired by traditional eastern medicines

Shielo has combined ancient philosophies with modern innovations to provide a complete line of organic hair shampoos, conditioners, styling and skin care products. We only use wheat protein foam boosters, plant-derived Keratin protein and the most sophisticated plant ingredients for the best results. Through tough testing standards, our ingredients are reviewed and authenticated to ensure quality. None of our products contain parabens or formaldehyde preservatives.

Product Sourcing

Shielo has developed relationships with certain communities to source our unique ingredients. We are committed to partnering with these local farming communities who respect the environment while growing / harvesting ingredients. These are time tested practices that have been passed down for generations, and it is awe-inspiring to see hair care ingredients produced in the most eco-friendly way possible.We use ethically harvested ingredients and cold-pressed extracts, which are designed to be the best and most potent for your hair.

Our organic ingredients are certified by Organic Certifiers, in Ventura County, California. We only use HDPE #2 plastics which are recycled and BPA free. All caps and lids are are made of HDPE. Our philosophy is to create products with integrity and ensure that we preserve the future well-being of our environment. Shielo is against animal cruelty and proud to use post-consumer recycled and recyclable packaging.

Vegan & Natural Base

Our products contain the quality ingredients from nature, combined with advances in hair care research to ensure desired performance and ultimate results. As an organization, we have committed to developing naturally-based formulas infused with organic botanicals harvested from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemicals.

Sustainability Policy

Shielo has enacted a Sustainability Policy to ensure that all our raw ingredients are derived from a plant, non-petroleum, organic or other natural source (such as water). The policy requires that at least 65% of the molecular weight of our products comes from those natural sources listed above. We consider the impact on the communities and associated ecosystems which provide our raw materials, and we would never source materials that are considered endangered.