Voluminous hair always attracts attention for being sexy and glamorous, at all hair lengths. High volume hairstyles are considered the little black dresses of hairstyling as they are timeless.

shielo voluminous style

  1. 1. Cleanse and Volumize

    Voluminous hair begins in the shower - what you use to prepare your hair will make a difference in the end result. Use the Volumzing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner to give hair a natural thickness and volume boost. Buildup and styling residue can weigh hair down and work against your voluminous look. Both the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner were designed to cleanse hair of heavy residue build up and thicken the hair shaft using keratin amino acids.Pat hair dry with a towel to remove excess water.

  2. 2. Apply Treatments for Volume

    Spray hair liberally with Antioxidant Leave In Protectant while combing through with a wide-toothed comb.

  3. Apply a nickel-sized amount of Volume Bounce Style Creme evenly through hair, starting at the roots. Flip your head over, drying hair upside down until it is approximately 70% dry.

  4. 3. Blowdry for Fullness

    While blowdrying, slide your fingers into your hair and lift up about two inches from the roots. Pull your hair in the opposite direction that you want it to fall, drying on the underside of the hair. When you let go of your hair, you should notice far more volume. If you have curls in your hair, remember to be gentle for curl protection and avoiding frizz.

  5. 4. Finishing the Style

    When hair is completely dry, rub a small amount of Volume Bounce Style Creme between your palms and “rake” the product through your hair with your hands, focusing on the ends. Apply small amounts of the Volume Flexible Design Hair Spray to give more lift to the roots.