Keep salon color. Women spend significant effort getting hair color just right. This investment should be protected from washing by over the counter, low-quality shampoo which removes hair color. If you see your hair color going down the drain when you shower, you need a "color protecting shampoo." Our Color Protect Shampoo was designed using gentle ingredients that also fortify and strengthen hair. Its excellent preserving salon color, while also making sure your hair stays healthy. The Reflecting Conditioner contains ingredients which are designed to reflect light off your hair. This means that not only is the hair protected for the elements of the sun and light, but it also created and shine and flare to your new color so it stands out more. Call it luminescence. Lastly, to fully protect your investment in your hair, use the Antioxidant Leave In Protectant to seal the color within the hair shaft, and add the hydration needed to keep hair free-flowing and free of frizz.