New Hair Tips for Fall 2012

While your summer hair had to brave harsh sun and humidity, your autumn hair needs protection against a different set of elements. Drier air, wind and cooler temperatures combined with indoor heating can push already stressed out hair to its limits. Throw in the fact that you’re wearing heavier, more absorbent clothing and you can have frizz, static cling and a roughened hair cuticle leading to flyaways. For others, hair breakage, split ends and shedding can make a healthy hair transition challenging.

Fall Hair Issues

To combat these autumn hair issues, consider swapping out lighter summer leave-ins and serums for creams, pomades and waxes, especially if your hair is long, thick or textured. Use very small amounts and target your frizzy spots and flyaways to avoid weighing your hair down.

Pony tail hairAlthough extra shedding during the summer is typical and usually not a cause for concern, you’ll want to be gentle and patient with your hair while its growth cycles adjust. Unless your hair is very short, you most likely have kept it up and out of your face in the summer using different types of hair accessories. While accessories in general are not a problem, some are more prone to being harmful to hair than others. Avoid using hair accessories that contain multiple metal parts that can catch, break and tangle hair. Instead, opt for smooth cloth ponytailers, plastic clips, scarves and hair sticks while limiting excessive tension. If you choose to wear your hair down more often as the temperatures drop, make sure to be mindful of your ends since they are more likely to come in contact with clothing and other surfaces.

Hair Cuts for the Fall

Many women opt for a cut (or trim) and different hair color when the seasons change. Trimming damaged hair and split ends is always a good idea, especially when a new season brings different circumstances about for your hair care regimen. Even if you have healthy hair, you’ll want to fortify and hydrate your hair not only to combat the harsh effects of hair dye, but also to make your seasonal adjustment smoother. An added bonus is that your hair color will stay vibrant for a longer amount of time. Consider swapping out harsh shampoos for ones that are gentler and more moisturizing.

Use Hydrating Hair care

If the dog days attacked your hair with constant rounds of drying salt water and chlorine, chances are that your hair lacks moisture and protein.

Hydrate ConditionerFor moisture, you might benefit from more frequent deep conditioning, using the HYDRATE Vibrancy Conditioner.  All the HYDRATE products work by allowing your hair to absorb more moisture and seal it in for longer periods of time. Light protein, such as those found in many enriched styling products (such as the ANTIOXIDANT Leave in Protectant) are a good start for fortifying your hair if needed. For those who need more help, strong amino treatments are a fantastic option. However, if you are going to use a lot of protein on your hair, a moisturizing conditioner afterwards is necessary. A heavy protein treatment will leave your hair a bit stiff at first but if properly conditioned, should soften up and become more resilient. The key is to make sure your hair contains a balance between protein and moisture for strength and elasticity.

Fall Hair Tips:

  • -Opt for heavier products or oils if needed to control frizz and flyaways
  • -Use gentler hair accessories and less tension on shedding hair
  • -Clarify hair if needed and follow up with a deep conditioner
  • -Condition hair more often
  • -Trim damaged hair and split ends
  • -Use gentler cleansers on your hair, especially if you’ve had it dyed
  • -Restore and maintain your hair’s protein/moisture balance
  • -Last but not least, listen to your hair. Each season brings its own set of challenges, so be mindful of any changes in your hair’s reaction to your products and styling. The key is to find the perfect balance for your hair by giving back to it what the elements and styling take out. If you’re truly lost, consider a stylist consultation from someone who understands your hair type.