Foods that make for healthy hair

As with everything related to our appearance, healthy beautiful hair starts with a healthy body.

Green VegetablesFoods for Healthy Hair

Green leafy vegetables, which are great for a slim healthy figure, are also amazing for your hair.  Sweet fruits like oranges and apples, and dairy products, like yogurt and milk, are also considered beneficial for rich, healthy looking hair.

Foods to Avoid for Healthy Hair

Any food that is overly processed or in a can is not recommended.  Most foods with artificial preservatives do not contain the level of vitamins and minerals they once contained when they gre from the earth, therefore they are not beneficial in providing the nutrition your hair needs.

Cooking Tips for Healthy Hair

There are spices that make excellent flavoring and excellent for your hair.  Some turmeric and black pepper in your soup as it is cooking.  Ground roasted cumin also can be sprinkled over fresh yogurt for a hair healthy snack.

Most Important Tip for Healthy Hair

Your overall sense of health and wellness will have a big impact on your hair.  Remember, how you feel on the inside will eventually start to show on the outside.  Be happy, be positive, be radiant, and it will start to shine through in your face and hair.  Have a healthy life and you’ll have a healthy hair as well.